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How To Make Armenian Coffee


Below, we describe our family’s method for making this type of coffee. This method helps brew a cup of coffee that has a thick layer of crema on top along with a rich and smooth body that is just slightly sweet. The way the coffee is made is critical in producing a great cup of coffee.

If you ask different people or check different sources, you’ll find that there are many different methods for making Mediterranean style coffee that people swear by. The variations among all of the different ways of making the coffee often focus on details such as when to stir, whether to let the coffee boil over, or the sequence of adding the ingredients. Over time, you’ll find yourself developing a preference for how the process is done. Until then, we hope our family’s way of making coffee serves you well.


  1. First, add one heaping teaspoon of coffee (per cup) into the coffee pot.
  2. For every teaspoon of coffee, add a half teaspoon of sugar.
  3. Next, pour water into the coffee pot. For each cup of coffee, pour one demitasse cup (3-5 ounces depending on the cup) of water into the coffee pot.
  4. Turn on the stove to low heat.
  5. After 45 seconds, gently stir the coffee for 2-3 seconds.
  6. As bubbles form all around the edge, turn the stove off right as the coffee begins to rise.