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About Us


At Sara Coffee Co., we’re dedicated to crafting the perfect cup of Mediterranean style coffee. Whether you call it “soorj” (Armenian), “ellinikos” (Greek), or something else, there’s no question that this coffee is an integral part of the culture for people from many different countries. Through Sara Coffee Co., we strive to preserve this tradition and share it with others. Our family has a deep-rooted passion for Mediterranean style coffee that is at the heart of this company. For us, coffee is not the grab-and-go experience we’re accustomed to nowadays, but instead an opportunity for us to spend some time together over a cup of coffee. The coffee is the catalyst for hours of conversation that continue long after the last sip. The better the coffee, the sweeter the conversations.


Long before we ever had a name for it, we were sharing our Original Blend at our mom-and-pop grocery store in downtown Glendale with families in our community. Through the years, we’ve continued to refine the taste to get it to where it is today. The Original Blend is a combination of high-quality Arabica beans that give the blend its signature taste, along with Robusta beans that help provide a rich body and the perfect layer of crema on top. The end result? Rich, velvety goodness in every sip that’s made to truly indulge.