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About Armenian Coffee


Unlike coffee that is brewed using filtration or drip methods, Armenian coffee, or “soorj,” is boiled on a stovetop in a coffee pot referred to as a “jazzve” before being served in small demitasse cups. Coffee beans that are finely ground into a powder-like consistency are mixed with water and sugar (if preferred) to make Armenian coffee. While this may sound extremely simple and easy, to make the perfect cup, special attention needs to be paid to the measurements of each ingredient, as well as the order and timing. If done right, the result is a coffee that features a bold taste and rich body along with a creamy layer of froth on top. Another unique aspect about Armenian coffee that often comes as a surprise to people who drink it for the first time is that it is served with the coffee grounds at the bottom of the cup.


Armenian coffee holds a special place in the hearts of Armenians throughout the world, representing a tangible piece of culture that is a big part of everyday life. Whether in Yerevan or one of the many communities of the Armenian diaspora, there’s no doubt you’ll see, smell, and hopefully taste this delicious coffee that is also enjoyed by many other cultures throughout Southeast Europe and the Near East.


Families sit down together to give updates to each other, grandparents pass down lessons from their childhood to grandchildren, and neighbors fill each other in on the daily gossip by sitting down together over a cup of Armenian coffee. Once you’ve reached the coffee grounds, it is common to flip the cup over in the saucer to let dry before flipping it back over to find a fortune depicted in the dried grounds.  


When developing the Sara Coffee Co., our top priority was to make sure that all the elements that play a role in crafting the perfect cup of Armenian coffee were considered. After years of constant refinement, we achieved our goal with the Original Blend. If you’re looking for a consistently good cup of Armenian coffee, we invite you to try the Sara Coffee Co. Original Blend which you can find in our online shop and in retailers across Los Angeles.